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Challenge and Efforts of Sweat for 30 years ! Numerous patent rights and awards are the business results of all the staff and employees. For the responsibility of absolute safety in industrial sites, SHINHAN Electronics has developed and provided the more practical and safer products through the incessant research and experiment for 365 days all the year round. SHINHAN Electronics will also continue to contribute to the world and leave a more significant trace of effort for the future onwards.

1983.11 Completed development of Electric Load Limiter for crane and hoist

Established Company named ShinHan Electric Industry Co.
              (Products name : Load Limiter)

Completed development of Moment Limiter for jib crane,and Exclusively

              contracted and supplied ShinHan's Products to HyunDai Heavy Industries


Developed Load Cell application Load Limiter first in Korea

Exclusively began to supplied Load Limiter to Daewoo Shipbuilding &

              Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd.

              HyunDai Heavy Industies Co.,Ltd, HanJin Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. And

              DooSan Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd.

Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate for Over Load Limiter from KOSHA
              (Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency) first in Korea.

1991.01 Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate of Auto Moment Limiter for Tower
              Crane and Jib Crane from KOSHA

Began to supply A.M.L for Mobile Crawler & hydraulic Crane first in Korea

1998. 7
Received a excellent quality Award  of safety & prevention Devices for Over
             Load Limiter of Mobile Crane              

Acquired Electronic Safety Device Certificate of ISO 9001 among the same
              industry first in Korea

Acquired Safety Qualification Certificate named "S MARK" by KOSHA
              (15 Safety Items)



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