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 > Overload protection safety devices

Overload limiter for Crane
Only for the use of small capacity Hoist Crane ,Over load safety device

An over load safety device will be also installed easily and it can operate.
SAFELO is the equipment which detects an over load of a crane by the over load safety device

only for hoist crane and prevents an accident.
A load cell detects the weight that comes to lift by a hook by tension force
of a wire rope,and SAFELO is the overload limiter which shows its load to LCD display panel.


Only for the use of small capacity Hoist Crane ,Over load safety device
Load cell, controller and weight indication are one (1) unit through integrate type .

So SAFELO remarkably is the special feature in order to connect with a hoist crane and use it easily.

The trouble such as low-accuracy of the electric type over load limiter of existence has been

complemented, additionally its installation and maintenance are very easy and it is also developed

so that the user has been satisfied.


- Rated capacity(R.C):500㎏〜5T
- Safety overload:150% R.C.
- Ultimate overload:300% R.C.
- Supply voltage:85〜265VAC / VDC, 50/60㎐
- Operating temperature range:-20℃〜+60℃
- Output contact:AC250V 3A / DC30V 3A
- Accuracy:within ±0.5 %
- Power Consumption:0.87W

   Special feature

- The correct load detection by the use of strain gage type load cell
- Display :Actual load indication -10kg Unit (ACL-05-500KG :1KG Unit)
- Safety status by LED color :(Green :Safety, Yellow: Alarm, Red: Stop)
- Auto Zero Function
- Setting by easy-simple operation
- Free Voltage of electric power
- Water proof(IP65)

   External dimensions (Load cell + Controller)


   SAFELO Capacity selection method
  Is determined according to the number of strands of wire rope capacity SAFELO use.
          SAFELO capacity =(Rated load of the crane) / (Wire rope strand number





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