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    Wireless remote control BLOAD
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 > Overload protection safety devices


Only for the use of crane, overload protection device

that the wireless communication function is supported.


Exclusive use of the crane, overload protective device with which the radio communication

function is supported. BLOAD guarantees an accuracy of load detection by the actual load detection, and it can add up the total load amount.

This over-load protector has the high efficiency and a high convenience because there is

each hoist’s balance function. The radio communication function is supported,

so wiring work isn't necessary, and installation is easy and the user can be understood

and used with BLOAD easily.


By the actual load detection since strain gage type load cell is used, load detection

    accuracy is guaranteed.
It's practicable for multiple hoist, 1st hoist,2nd hoist,….4th hoist.
The total load amount adding up function.
The hoist’s balance indication function.
Wiring work is unnecessary by radio communication between the sensor and the controller.
Each side, transmitter & receiver, can confirm the actual load confirmation and load cell

    input value by everyone.
There is little radio intervention at an industrial site by the 2.4GHz standard

    communication regulation.
Max. communication distance :12km (the patch antenna needs when long-distance use

    more than 200 m).
The optional operation prevention by the password function.



OVER HEAD CRANE, Gantry crane, Cargo crane, Goliath crane
Hydraulic crane, Crawler crane
Crane hoist can be installed for all



RS232 or RS485 Support communication in various formats
    Analogue output (0〜10V, 4〜20mA, 0〜20mA)


    External dimensions

Controller: 250(W) × 400(H) ×115(D)
 Moniter : 145(W) × 145(H) × 80(D)
Wireleless sumnining box : 242(W) × 160(H) × 109(D)

Wireleless remote indicayor: 110W) × 180(H) × 44(D)







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