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This is the device used in the industrial site and construction site to improve the working efficiency of the crane and keep it safe in operation.   This is the load cell which is equipped with strain gauge. It has various structures to measure the weight of structure   It is the remote controller having the strong efficiency of 2.4GHz. It has the capability of inhibiting the noise and is also resistant to the hard environment.   Mobile wireless indicator BTR
Mobile wireless load cell BTL
It is the load limiting device specific for crane. It is supported with the wireless communication function.   It is designed for small hoist cranes. Equipped with the load safety device, it is easy to install and operate.   It is the device which can measure all levels of the positions of laser beams shot from all rotating laser levels using the laser diode.   This is the special display which adopts the semi-permanent, high intensity LED or FND.
It uses the accurate wind speed and wind direction to improve the efficiency of work at sites at all times.   This is the system which limiters the weight of load for the marine crane. It is the system specifically designed for the hoisting of large structures.   It is used to manufacture the crane cabin in a way that is suitable for the working site in order to improve the safety and efficiency of work.   Use the high tech device at the site to precisely and safely measure any load, even the large load.
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Overload limiter for Crane
   > Luffing crane SH-1000T
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   > Jib Crane, floating crane SH-7109A
   > Overhead, gantry, Container crane SH-1000
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Load cell indicator
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Wireless remote control BLOAD
Overload limiter SAFELO
Load limiter SH-1000 / SH-700
Digital laser staff
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Load measurement system
Auto moment limiter system
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